Global MPLS & Ethernet Private Line Services

Expand Your Reach Domestically & Internationally

Global MPLS & Ethernet Private Line Services

Delta provides global connectivity to virtually any part of the world with the performance characteristics you can depend on:

  • Managed latency
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Robust Quality of Service

Delta is the first Data service provider in Pakistan to have launched MPLS based IP VPN service. It’s a cost effective and robust alternative to Point-to-Point IPLC’s that were previously used by multinational organizations to connect to their principles overseas.

It is the ideal solution for multinational enterprise and carrier clients that require reliable connectivity to branch operations inside Pakistan and for those Pakistani multinationals that need to communicate with their branch offices in other regions.We offer a Global MPLS solution through peering arrangements with a diverse set of International partners from all over the world.

Feature & Benefits

Agile Connectivity

Connectivity is available to more than 160 countries in both the developed and developing world with a variety of access methods to choose from, meaning there is the right connectivity option for all location types anywhere.


MPLS VPN offers guaranteed “layer 3” any-to-any connectivity across GCX’s own highly resilient, scalable, and self-healing global IP network.

Site Communication

Suitable for site-to-site communications in a corporate intranet (sharing information within a single organizations) or extranet (sharing information between organizations) using dedicated access.


Seamlessly integrated with our domestic networks, MPLS VPN even allows you to leverage not only our 70+ international PoPs but also more than 180 MPLS PoPs throughout India.

Call of Service

Gives the customers the ability to select the Class of Service (COS) for their applications and hence achieve major cost savings.


A secure IP VPN solution based on the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology for delivering the security level equivalent of Frame Relay or ATM networks

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